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 The Gods of Magic

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PostSubject: The Gods of Magic   Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:14 pm

Although each of the Gods of Magic has his or her own alignment, the gods share a single allegiance:
magic. Thus they are different from the other gods, who are generally wholly absorbed in their own causes and who interact directly with only their own followers to advance that cause. Thus it is that the Gods of Magic often ally one with the
other to stand together either in favor of or in opposition to the rest of the pantheon. This united voice gives them strength often
lacking in the divisive clamor of the other gods.

The Gods of Magic are the children of the major gods:

Solinari is the son of Paladine
and Mishakal,

Lunitari is the
daughter of Gilean.

Nuitari is the son of Takhisis and

If their parents expected their children to follow in the footsteps, they were disappointed.

The Three Cousins realized from the beginning that magic was an immensely powerful force in the world —
for good or evil. They saw that, left uncontrolled, magic might well bring about the destruction of the mortals who wielded it. The Gods of Magic determined, therefore, that they had to unite in order to exert some measure of control upon this
potent force. In this, they are aided by their love and understanding of magic, their knowledge of the mortals who wield it, and their respect for each other and for those mortals.

This is not to say that there is not some rivalry between the Three Cousins. Each god is intent on promoting his own cause, and on assisting his own followers to gain power and knowledge. Their rivalry is keen, but not bitter. No matter what
single objective each of the gods may pursue, they remain united in one common goal and that is the
promotion and regulation of magic.

To this end, the gods established the Orders of High Sorcery, wherein followers of all the gods would come together in Conclave to pass laws that govern themselves and to try to maintain control over all those who wield magic.
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The Gods of Magic
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