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 (Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) An act of war, a matter of duty.

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PostSubject: (Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) An act of war, a matter of duty.   Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:28 pm

Ariana considered very carefully what the girl said to her regarding the attack of the Seekers on the Knights encamped near Haven.  Many had been enjoying the local tavern when the Seekers attacked.  She was fairly sure that sir Ronan had been captured, but the girl's story was vague, Ariana knew she was not telling her everything.  However, she now knew enough to take action.  

There was little choice, there was an army between her and any Solamnic prisoners held in Haven, so she sat down in the Inn of the Last Home and wrote a message Lord Minas of the Caergothian Calvary.  Now, she just needed a way to get it to Caergoth.

Lord Minas,
It is with heavy heart that I pen this message.  A group of our citizens and noble knights, while enjoying the Haven Fair, were brutally attacked.  I have reason to believe that at least one of our Knights, sir Ronan, is currently being held hostage by the Seekers.
I stand ready to do my duty to the Order.

Lady Ariana Kavey of Autumn Harvest.

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(Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) An act of war, a matter of duty.
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