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 (Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) The Proceedings of the Mind of Zacho

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Character Name: Zacho
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PostSubject: (Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) The Proceedings of the Mind of Zacho   Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:14 pm

"One, two, three four! Seven, fifty-three, eighty.." Zacho spent his normal amount of time exercising, lifting his shiny new doubleaxe as a multiuse weight training instrument, careful not to have another painful accident like he had with the doubleflail that he'd bought a while back. It was a necessity for him to keep his strength, as he had to carry the vast majority of his assortment of weapons with him wherever he went.

    As he worked, the pervading thought came to him, that all this work wouldn't be necessary if his horse would be willing to carry some of his supplies. Ever since he tried to train it for battle by tying a battleaxe to its forehead, its refused to carry anything less than the rider himself.

I can't believe Knauck!..If thats what I'd named that horse. This is the..fifth time its run off! I'm a good owner, I feed it apples and ale. Yet every time I'm not paying attention, he runs off into the a particular bandit camp, every time. I've had to start tying him to trees, yet he actually broke a rope to get away this time!

    Sighing dramatically, Zacho discontinued his training, walking off into the woods in search of a particular animal. Maybe also in search of a horse merchant, whichever came first.
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(Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) The Proceedings of the Mind of Zacho
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