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 Case of the Bloody Rose

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Case of the Bloody Rose Empty
PostSubject: Case of the Bloody Rose   Case of the Bloody Rose Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 7:14 pm

Party meets and Old Man in Solace at Inn of Last Home who says some strange stuff to Dietrich and then says that he saw Diet’s Grave.  They go to Haven to investigate and find the grave.  It has Diet’s name on it, his birthday and date of death is that day; they investigate further. Grave has fresh earth and look dug that day.
In the grave they find the body of the Old Man who sent them here inside a coffin and at his chest is a Blood Red Rose.
The Rose drips blood and has some unknown magic on it.
Dietrich picks up the rose and notes that it drips blood. The Mage notes that the Rose has an ancient enchantment on it, but nothing specific.
They go to a tavern in Haven and one of the patrons gets sick... it seems to be same illness as that spread by the cultists.  They take the sick man to the local Gilean Temple and the Priest says he cannot cure him.  Then Raina contacts Lorien who tells her to take the man to Solace so she and the Mishakal Clerics can look at the man.

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Case of the Bloody Rose
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