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 Official Timeline from 353 PC - 375 PC

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Timeline from 353 PC - 375 PC

Winter 353. Battle of Caergoth. The Dragon Armies tried to invade Solamnia by attacking Caergoth with the Red and Blue Wings, but, with great surprise, they were repelled by the joined forces of the Knights of Solamnia aided by the metallic dragons, who participated actively in the war. The invasion of Solamnia was the event that convinced the Knighthood to finally put aside their internal rivalries and come together to send envoys to other races under siege by the Dragon Armies.

Winter 353: The first reunion of the future Heroes of the Lances takes place. After the battle of Caergoth, Magus Adana, a powerful diviner, who had already cultivated the idea of a large alliance to stop the evil forces, summons a group of anti-Dragonarmies freelance adventurers in a secret location in Solamnia to start a hidden war aimed to strike them at their very heart, in particular by tracing some major artifacts that could be used to fight dragons, like the Dragon Orbs, or the Dragonlances. The group composed by:

Magus Adana of the White Robes
Aisha Reeve
Knight of the Sword Julinee Goodman (promoted after the battle of Caergoth)
Cleric of Mishakal Arwany Dawntracker
Cleric of Paladine Hrothgar
Magus Morredlyn Morrson of the Red Robes

Spring 354: The Heroes of the Lance start their incursions against the Dragon Army leaders. The Magus Faylin Kavey encountered the venerable Red Dragon Denebula and, as the dragon lies dying, she transferred part of her essence to the Mage granting Faylin some of the knowledge and power of the dragon.  Thanks to Adana, and to Faylin’s ‘memories’ acquired from Denebula, the group discovered the location of two of the surviving Dragon Orbs in the hands of the enemy. A group composed of the dark wizards Kel'tar, Rohere Halanor, Aisha, Grief the pirate, Morredlyn Morrson and Faerdrien Tir'en, an exiled Silvanesti archer, departed from the Ice Wall and defeat the dark elf Fael'thas, the White Dragon High-Lord, acquiring the Dragon Orb in his possession.

Spring 354: During an exploration of the Tower of the High Clerist to seek to increase the defenses of Palanthas, Adana, Knight Julinee Goodman, Arwany and Hrothgar found, to their great surprise, the blue Dragon Orb kept in the fortress, which was thought to have been lost or destroyed.

Spring/Summer 354: Solamnia invasion was halted, and the two sides came to an impasse.

Summer 354: Mission to Silvanesti. The Heroes then set up a mission to the Elven homeland to discover what kind of creatures are hunting the ancient forest. Some dark elves seeking for redemption, including Faedrien Tir'en and Ariwellen Shadowsong joined the team, along with Magus Faylin Kavey, the only one deemed able to master a Dragon Orb causing the Nightmare in the possession of Lorac, the Elven King. Even though the dark elves where her own kin, Queen Alana Starbreeze, was very reluctant to let them back into the Elven homeland; she eventually relented and accepted their aid.
The Heroes managed to infiltrate Silvanesti, fighting against the creatures of Lorac's Nightmare, and penetrated the forest, thanks to Kel'tar's dark power which allowed him to control and command the undead creatures hunting the wood. Magus Faylin Kavey managed to master the Dragon Orb's power allowing the Heroes to defeat the Dragon Cyan Bloodbane, putting an end to Lorac's Nightmare.  Lorac’s body was buried by his daughter under a tree. The forest however remained haunted by the dark creatures created by the King's Nightmare.

Summer 354. The three wizards, Adana, Faylin and Kel'tar visit Pax Tharkas once again to find some artifacts that might have been left behind during the recovery of the Disks of Mishakal of 2 years before. Kel'tar learnt from some Gully Dwarves of an old black leather book stolen by some raiders from the Treasure Horde of the Dragon Onyx. He then contacted Faedrien Tir'en, now a member of the Thieves’ Guilds of Palanthas, and Grief, the pirate captain, to track down the book for him.

Summer 354: Council of Whitestone. After the events that brought the war to impasse, the Knights of Solamnia summoned the council of the people opposing the Dragon Armies in the sacred Whitestone Glade on the Isle of Sancrist. The Qualinesti elves, and the surviving Silvanesti elves of Silvamori were present at the meeting, as well as some chosen White and Red Robes (among which there were both Adana, Faylin Kavey and Morredlyn Morrson), thanks to Knight Julinee Goodman's intermediation, and some freelancer adventurers that helped in the recovery of the Disks of Mishakal. After learning of the treat posed by the Magic of Ariakas', the three wizards (with the approval of the Conclave) offered the Whitestone Forces the use of the Dragon Orbs against the Dragon Armies, and to aid the Knights with their magical knowledge in order to strike the renegade emperor down. Despite the Knights mistrust towards wizards, the wise and open-minded Grand Master Gunthar Uth Wistan (with some careful advice from Arianna Kavey, Lord Knight of the Sword and sister of Faylin), accepted their aid and together with the elves they elaborate a plan to assault the Dragon Army stronghold of Neraka. Their plan is to use the magical artifacts offered by the Conclave and the power of the Metallic Dragons to break through the city defenses and kill Ariakas and his High-Lords. However, the lack of the legendary Dragonlances was a very great disadvantage. Furthermore, the bearer of the Green Gem was not yet found, so the Whitestone Council seeked to find the way to forge the Dragonlances before starting the attack, and more important to find this "Green Gem Man" to understand why the Dark Queen wants him so desperately.

Autumn 354: Kel'tar, Faedrien, Grief and Ariwellen take a ship for South Ergoth, where the supposed owner of the black book lives. By pure coincidence, the group went aboard the ship named Perechon, where Berem (The Everman and bearer of the Green Gem) was aboard. Kel'tar managed to recognize him thanks to Faylin's description, so they captured him. Faedrien and Ariwellen stayed in Solamnia and brought the prisoner to Palanthas, while the Black Robe tracked down and slayed the group of smugglers that was in possession of the spell book of Fistandantilus, which he claimed for himself. Then the Elven Black Robe just disappeared for months, fully immersed in his dark studies.

Aumtum 354: Berem is brought to Palanthas, where he is met by Faylin Kavey, who explains to him his role as the bearer of the Foundation Stone (i.e. the Green Gem in his chest), and why Takhisis is searching for him everywhere. Berem, tired of running, accepted to do whatever it takes to stop the Dark Queen and end his eternal wandering.

Autumn 354: Adana, accompanied by her apprentice the elven Magus Anthelia, managed to defeat the Gray Wraith, acquiring the Silver Arm of Ergoth in the ruined temple of Qualinesti.

Winter 354: Seros, Aisha and Ember wnt to Thorbardin to recover the Hammer of Kharas, the last artifact necessary to forge the Dragonlances, which, according to legend, was buried in the tomb of Duncan, High King of Thorbardin. Thanks to the many Dwarves freed from Pax Tharkas the previous Summer, the trio managed to gain access to the city and join their forces with that of Flint Fireforge and Arman Kharas to recover the Hammer from Duncan's tomb. The mission was a success, even though Arman died. The Dwarven King, Glade Hornfel Kytil, gave the sacred relic to the three adventurers, with the promise they will return it to Throbardin once the war is over.

Winter 354: The Council of Whitestone meets once more. Berem the Everman, the Silver Arm of Ergoth and the Hammer of Kharas were presented to the Council.  The Council then ordered the forging of many major and less Dragonlances, and they start to plan their campaign against Neraka.

10 days before mid-winter-gift-giving day 354. Arwany Dawntracker is captured near Solace by troops of the Red Wing, and brought to Neraka, where she reveals that the Whitestone Forces are preparing an assault on Neraka, but manages to hold back information about the involvement of a Black Robe Wizard or the Dragon Orbs in their possession. The Dragon Armies remained convinced the attack will only involve Knights of Solamnia, perhaps White Robe Wizards, Elves and Metallic Dragons, therefore Emperor Ariakas orders Highlords Lily Derinus of Red Wing, Kitiara Uth Matar new commander of the Blue Wing, Nara Relle, recently promoted to commander of the Black Wing and Salah-Khan, commander of the Green Wing to set up the defences of Neraka. Having heard reports of the potential defeat of Fael-thas at Icewall Castle, the Emperor wisely keeps the White Wings away from the battle, fearing that the White Dragon Orb might be used against them.

1 week prior to Mid-Winter-Gift-Giving Day 354. The news about Arwany's capture arrived in Palanthas. Grand Master Gunthar Uth Wistan refuseed to begin the attack, fearing what information may have fallen into enemy hands. Adana useed her divination magic to divine the possible outcome of the imminent attack.  When she had some certainty that the Dragonarmies were unaware of the three Dragon Orbs and the involvement of the remainder of the Tower of High Sorcery, she convinced Grand Master (once again with the help of Arianna Kavey) to begin the assault using the surprise-factor of the Dragon Orbs in their possession to bring chaos in the enemy lines.

The day of mid-winder-giving 354. Battle of Neraka.
As predicted, the Knights opted for a frontal assault with the aid of the metallic dragons.
The Dragonarmies, prepared for the assault, deployed 4 of the 5 wings: The Red, the Blue, the Green and the Black Wings. Furthermore, they used the Flying Citadel to ensure total superiority both in air and eventually on the land.
Unbeknownst to the Dragon Army Forces, a small group of adventurers lead by Seros (who is disguised by a powerful illusion to resemble the Dark Elf Wizard Fael-Thas), Aisha, Faedrien, Berem and Cateria Berell, reached Neraka before the battle, presenting Berem, Cateria and Faedrien as prisoners.
The Three Dragon Orbs were used by the Three Wizards to begin the assault: Adana holds the Blue Orb, Faylin the Green one and High-Mage Par-Salian the White one.
The Knights deployed almost 40 Dragons. Among the Dragon Riders armed with Dragonlances, there were Julinee Goodman, Sturm Brightblade and Derek Crownguard. Grand Master Uth Wistan personally leads the charge.
When the battle begins, the three wizards used the magic of the Orbs. Surprisingly no White Dragon was present on the battle field, but the Dragon Armies are totally taken by surprise when the Blue and the Green Wings start to rebel against their High-Lords.  The controlled Dragons attacked the Red and the Black Wings. The Blue and the Green Wings ordered a retreat, but the Dragons were no longer under their control. Chaos spreads across the lines loyal to the Dark Queen.
Inside the Temple, while the fake Fael-Thas (Seros) bows before the Emperor to renew his alliance to the cause, Berem, Aisha and Cateria are brought to the prison, where they free themselves from the ropes, and kill their captors. Once there Berem Everman, started to feel the call of his dead sister, leading the party to the inner temple, where, centuries before, he stole the Foundation Stone from the Dark Queen.
When Seros, disguised as Fael-Thas, bows before the Emperor, he knew that was his best chance to kill Ariakas. However, Seros was foiled in his plan by the Black Robe, Dracart (a supporter of the Dark Queen and creator of the Draconians), who was present.  Frustrated in his plan, Seros thinks all is lost, and that the task of killing the Emperor would pass to his friends who are fighting outside in the city. After losing hope of his plan, as he noticed a small dark figure emerge behind Ariakas, with a couple of red eyes staring at him under a dark hood. Kel'tar was there, smiling to Seros behind Ariakas. Knowing that the Wizard would dispel the magical defenses of the Emperor, he raised his magical sword and struck the Emperor in his dark heart. Ariakas, totally surprised by that action, didn't have the time to say anything before he died. When he fell dead on the floor, every Dragon Army soldier in the room started to aim at Seros, but luckily, his friends Cateria and Faedrien came to his aid.  Together they made to a position of cover in the temple and managed to kill many Dragon Amy troops with their bows. Seros managed to dodge all the attack in the ensuing fight, until he found himself face to face with his old friend Diesel, now demoted to bodyguard of the Emperor. In the meantime, Kel'tar engaged Dracart in a powerful magical duel.
During the melee in the Temple, a wing of silver and gold dragons, along with Adana magically controlling many blue dragons, converged on the temple of Takhsis, breaking through the defenses and landing at the Temple entrance to help Seros and his friends. In the ensuing battle Seros managed to defeat the former High-Lord Diesel in single combat, but, before he could strike the killing blow, Diesel was buried under the rubble of the roof of the collapsing Temple Entrance.  Diesel’s fate remains unknown. Many Black Robes loyal to the Conclave started to fight against their brethren who followed the Dark Queen, and who had betrayed the Laws of Magic and the Conclave. After a spectacular magical duel, Kel'tar slew Dracart with a powerful necromantic spell.
Outside, the silver wing under Julinee Goodman's command managed to slay both Skye and Kitiara Uth Matar in a spectacular air-combat. Salah-Khan was slain personally by Grand Master Uth Wistan, while Derek Crownguard was killed in action by Lily Derinus riding Pyros. Highlord Nara Relle ordered the Black Wing to retreat and defend the Temple. She then engaged the Knight Line from behind at the temple entrance, slaying several of Knights of the Rose.
After the Whitestone Forces broke into the temple, accompanied by Adana, they started to push back the Dragon Army troops, while Adana joined Seros and Kel'tar, urging them to find Arwany. The three left the battle behind, fighting there way through the Temple complex, until they managed to find Arwany in the prison cells.  Sadly, it was too late, for she was already dead. Mourning and desperate about her friend's death, Adana begged Seros to bring her body outside, so she could be resurrected by another cleric. However, before Seros could retrieve the body, a dreadful scream echoed above and the temple began to collapse.
While the battle on the upper level enraged, Berem along with Aisha, managed to return the Foundation Stone to its rightful place, where he was reunited with the spirit of his sister, preventing the Dark Queen's return to Krynn.
As the temple started to collapse, Kel'tar literally forced Adana to leave her dead friend behind, but not before the White Robe could snatch the Medallion of Faith from her corpse. Despite Adana's desperation for the loss of her beloved friend, Arwany's body was left behind, and the group barely managed to escape before the temple collapsed around them.
When all the fighters inside the temple realized it was going to be destroyed, they all fled, leaving Ariakas' body behind (along with the Crown of Power which he wore on his head).
With the temple collapse, 2/3 of the Dragon Army forces died that day.
After the destruction of the temple, the remaining Dragon Army forces were forced to flee. The Whitestone Forces then extended their attacks on the flying citadel, which fell on the remains of the temple, destroying almost every part of the city of Neraka in the process.
The decimated Red and Black dragons fled. Highlords Lily Derinus and Nara Relle disappeared. Some say they died in battle, or in the fall of the flying citadel but their corpses where never found.
The survivors of the battle were then celebrated as the Heroes of the Lance. The Fourth Dragon War was over.
The Blue and Green Wings were forced to surrender through the power of the Dragon Orbs. The Green and Blue Chromatic Dragons present in Neraka that day were all slain by the Knights of Solamnia.

First days 355: Knight of the Sword Julinee Goodman is promoted on the battlefield to the rank of Captain of the Rose for her outstanding deeds in battle. Later that Season Faylin Kavey becomes Archmagus of the Red Robe Order and member of the Conclave. Seros is now nicknamed "The Emperor Slayer". Word of the Battle of Neraka and the defeat of the Dragon Armies spreads throughout Ansalon. The Knights of Solamnia regain much of the honour and prestige lost during the dark years.  Wizards are (for a time) seen with less fear and mistrust thanks to their intervention in the final battle. Even the Black Robes who participated in the downfall of Ariakas are celebrated as heroes.

355. Kel'tar the Dark, along with Faedrien and Ariwellen travel to the ruins of Skullcap and manage to recover the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus from the old wizard's body buried in the depths of the fortress.

355-358. The world struggles to recover from the war. The Knights of Solamnia occupied Abanasinia and some regions east of the Solamnic border, to keep a vigilant eye on the Taman-Busuk region. Solace, Haven and New Ports are liberated and rebuilt to their former glory. The Silvanesti elves tried to reclaim their homeland, but they failed, repelled by the creatures haunting the woods born from Lorac's nightmare. Qualinesti borders were once more opened to visitors, and the doors of Thorbardin were re-opened.  Arianna Kavey, now Lord Knight of the Sword, retakes the Kavey Family holdings as well as Vingaard Keep.  In order to maintain political alliances Arianna agrees to marry Roderick Solamnus, the heir to Vingaard Keep, in line of succession from Vinas Solamnus, solidifying her hold over all the lands.

Spring 358. The emergence of the Master of Past and Present. Since Raistlin Majere never made his journey back in time to kill Fistandantilus, the Archmage's evil spirit takes full possession of Raistlin's body, becoming the Master of the Past and Present and claiming the Tower of Palanthas for himself, turning his back to the Conclave.

Autumn 358. Thanks to the recovery of the Bloodstone on Fistandantilus' body years before, Kel'tar, Rohere, Faylin and Adana and the Conclave study a way to create an artifact to extract the evil spirit from Raistlin's body, and trap it inside the artifact itself.

Winter 358. Battle of Palanthas.
The Conclave orders an assault on the Tower of Palanthas to defeat Fistandantilus once and for all.
Caramon Majere is called along with Tanis, Strum Brightblade and Flint Fireforge to try to make Raistlin's soul and will emerge even for a moment, to weaken Fistandantilus and let the adventurers take the upper hand.
The powerful spirit in possession of Raistlin's body shows his full power by killing Justarius and three other Archmagi and various other Magi, as well as Flint Fireforge, but is surprised when Kel'tar manages to stand up to immense power, thanks to the spell book the Elf recovered years before in Pax Tharkas. The exiled Silvanesti manages to keep the Master of the Past and Present occupied long enough to allow the wizards to cast the spell using the modified Bloodstone, and exhibits a power which is comparable to that of Fistantantilus.
Caramon Majere also intervenes, and manages, thanks for the undisputed love for his twin, to make the will of Raistlin emerge for a few moments, ceasing the battle between him and Kel'tar. That distraction allows the gathered Wizards, lead by Par-Salian, to cast their spell, tearing Fistandantilus' soul out of Raistlin's body and trapping it in the Bloodstone. Then they together cast a powerful version of the destroy undead spell and annihilate the spirit of the ancient Black Robe once and for all.
Unfortunately, the struggle is too much for Raistlin's weak body and he dies in the arms of his brother, leaving the Staff of Magius to his old friend Adana, and asking Caramon for forgiveness for his mistake in accepting the deal with the ancient lich, that eventually lead to his downfall.
After the Battle both Adana and Kel'tar win council seats in the Conclave and take the title of Archmagi, and the dark Elf claims the tower of Palanthas for himself, since the guardians of the tower now fear him as they feared the Master of Past and Present's power. He then became known as "the Bane of Past and Present".
Kel'tar then gives full access to the tower of Palanthas to all the wizards of High Sorcery, as it was meant to be.

358. Archmagus Brennen Rosenthal stepped down from the Conclave and leaves with his assistant Shiverwind and never returns. His fate remains unknown.

359. Par-Salian and Ladonna are driven by different political forces in The Conclave to step back into their former positions because of their mistakes both with the evaluation of Raistlin Majere, who turned out to be more a foe than a champion of the Orders and the wrong alliance made by Ladonna years ago with the Dragon Armies. Par-Salian and Ladonna give up their roles and leave in search of the Lost Tower.

359. Kel'tar became the Master of the Black Robes and Adana the Master (Mistress) of the White Robes. Faylin Kavey became Master of the Red Robes, and was elected as the new High-Mage.

361. Porthios Kanan, heir of Solostan, married Alana Starbreeze of Silvanost, unifying the Elven people once more as in the ancient times.

Summer 361. The combined forces of Qualinesti and the surviving Elves of Silvamori tried again to retake the control of Silvanesti, but managed only to conquer a part of the ancient forest.

362 The desperate Elves, on suggestion of Archmagus Adana and Anthelia, asked the help of the Knighthood and the White Order to free their land. The Knighthood accepted to aid the elven nations. Solamnic troups along with Adana and High-Mage Kavey fought back the creatures of Lorac's nightmare and entered in the ruins of Silvanost, destroying the most powerful creatures they encountered. The Elves thus reclaimed their capital city. In exchange, Anthelia, Faylin and Adana gained permission of the new King to build a third tower inside the western parts of Silvanesti. The new elected King Porthios and Queen Alhana were forced to accept, since they think a tower of high sorcery inside Silvanesti's borders would help to prevent a future possible Lorac's nightmare, but they asked the tower to be the headquarter of the White Robes.

363. Julinee Goodman was elected High Justice of the Knighthood.

363. Arianna Kavey was offered the title of High Clerist, which she refuses.  She remains as Lord Knight and Lady Commander of Vingaard Keep.

363.The construction of the Tower of Silvanesti began.

364.The first child of the reunited elven nations is born and named Silvanoshei.

365. Ariakan, Ariaka's son, was captured by the Knights of Solamnia, however the caravan which was leading him in the Solamnic borders wasw assaulted by bandits and everyone was slain, including the son of the former Dragon Emperor and Zeboim.

370.Tension rises between the Knighthood and the Abanasinian city-states, now hungry for more freedom and be left to rule their own territories free of the Solamnic army, since the danger of the Dragonarmy invasion has been stopped long ago.

371. To avoid a conflict in such a delicate moment, Solamnic forces leave Abanasinia, giving back the executive power to the local authorities of the various city-states of the region.

372. A mysterious militar leader, probably a former member of the Dragonarmies, took advantage of the situation, claiming the Temple of Luerkisis for herself, under the command of a surviving battallion of draconians and former troops loyal to Ariakas and starting to attack Sanction. The Governor of the city and local authorities are taken by surprise and it seems the evil forces will prevail soon.

372. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed Red Overlord, Mount Thunderhorn erupted, destroying a great part of Sanciton which is covered by the lava flowing from the volcano. The lava river, dividing the nothern slums for the central and harbor districts, opened the floodgates, flooding  the nothern part of the central slums, and the southern part of the nothern slums, dividing the city in two, and prevented the Highlord armies to invade Sanction, since no army was able to survive to those conditions. The Sanction civil war began.

373. The war continues withouth winners and defeated. The forces of the Governor barricated in the southern-west part and protect the Harbor, while the north-east area is under the Overlord's control.

374. Another Overlord, the black one, makes his appeareance. He complicates the situation even further, by creating a second civil war, this time between the former Dragonarmies troops, now divided between two different leaders, with opposite ideals. The Black one seems to be more a religious leader in opposition with the Red Overlord, more focused on his quest for conquest and extermination. After some months of fight, the two Overlords sign a truce, creating a neutral area in the former Nothern Sanction, but maintaining hostilies at a high level, transforming the war in a sort of "cold" one.

375 Present time

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Official Timeline from 353 PC - 375 PC
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