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 Getting Started

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PostSubject: Getting Started   Getting Started Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 6:17 am

Here is a quick guide to get started:

The server/module has a pretty open design, which means, you can travel to many places even with a low level character. As long as you stick to the roads/paths, you should be pretty safe.
As soon as you venture off the roads or into the wilderness, the more dangerous it might get. You will be rewarded for travelling into (for the character) new (outdoor) areas!


There are special outdoor (marked via map notes) and indoor resting areas. For outdoor resting, you need some camping gear, which can be purchased in General Stores, to get GOOD rest results. For best resting results, look for an indoor posibility. Normaly you would need to get a resting permission (= key) to be able to rest there.


We added in some additional ways, especially for low level characters, to aquire some coins and XP:
Caravan delivery: Talk to one of the caravan masters at (ATM) Haven (Fairgrounds), Solace (Southern Outskirts) or Crossing to get a delivery task. You'll get a reward, when it's completed.
Trophy Hunter: ATM located at Twin Flats, North Western Que Plains, White River-Rage bridge, east of Caergoth and east of Tarsis. Those will pay you something (coin and XP) if you bring them certain "hunting trophies". Talk to them for details.
Haven has some gambling sites!


To avoid meta gaming there is special hood, which exchanges the portrait to a "neutral" one, as long as that item is eqiupped.

ATM, this is implemented in 2 hoods: Hood (Small) and Hood (Medium).

BUT pay attention, that you take off the hood, before you log out, because the original ID is not persistent (ATM). If you log out, your character is saved (by default) in its current state, so with the altered portraid, if worn.

Those hoods can be found here:
Solace - General Store
Haven - Sharells Weaving
New Ports - Market - Cloth Merchant
Gateway - Markethouse - General Store


The "Appearance Tool":
With this, you can store the appearance of your toon (race, head, portrait and pheno ATM) and, in case it gets lost (eg. through a system bug), you can restore it with this tool.
Please use it from now on, the first time, when your toon enters the mod and when you made use of the tailor-system.


For further info, please check:

Getting Started Dlnclo10

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Getting Started
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