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 DM Guild Leadership

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DM Di Camarii

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PostSubject: DM Guild Leadership   Tue May 11, 2010 9:40 am

To All Tower Members and Those Wishing to Join

In DragonLance Chronicles Reborn we assign specific DM's to oversee guild activities in game and on the forums. I (Di Camarii) am the DM leader of The Tower of High Sorcery. As such I would like all members and prospective members of this guild to think of me as their go to resource for all things to do with their magic using characters.

Other Dm's will always be there to help of course but if there are any questions, concerns, ideas or needs please don't hesitate to send me a PM, email or talk to me in game. There is no issue too small or large and we deal with all issues in a fair and compromising way.

As the Assigned DM to this guild it will be my responsibility to carry out forum maintenance, conduct tests and quests for magic using characters and co-ordinate with TOHS player leaders and members to take part in global quests/wars.

Some Preliminary Notes of TOHS Direction:

1) in order to join the TOHS you must go through many ordeals which will be spelled out in a specific section dealing with "The Tests of High Sorcery", seperate from the informational topic already posted. This topic will describe what a player must do before they can apply to take the tests, what the tests will most likely entail (it is a little different for every supplicant) and what passing and failing will mean to your character.

2) be prepared for a long journey to become a TOHS member in full. DragonLance Chronicles Reborn follows the books and D&D rulebooks very closely and therefore it wil not be an easy undertaking to become a TOHS member. Many will fail their tests and many will not have the patience to stick it out long enough to take the tests.

3) TOHS members will be rewarded with accommodations at the Tower of Waywreth and be able to take classes that will unlock the secrets of higher magic. In real terms this means there will be an ongoing learning process for TOHS members and gaining higher levels and therefore more powerful spells will be more about how much arcane learning is gained than how many adventures one undertakes.

4) there will be guidelines and rules for all wishing to become TOHS members, this will be posted in the near future as it's own topic and please know all points well as breaking too many guidelines could be costly when it comes time to be considered for testing.

5) Post often about whatever you feel is relevant. The more your fellow TOHS members know about what you are about and thinking the more team atmosphere is built. Post Rp topics about your magic using characters and tell us their story.

6) above all have fun with all aspects of your magic using character, from spell components to arcane instructions to battling alongside a group in search of more knowledge, it may be one of the slowest climbs a character can choose to take in DragonLance Chronicles Reborn but it is also likely the most rewarding and RP rich.

Di Camarii
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DM Guild Leadership
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