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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:47 pm

Here is a list of the General Rules, and is subject to change at any time.

1. Role Play etiquette shall be used at all times while in game. Sexually explicit role play is not permitted. Holding hands and kissing between characters is acceptable, Romance being part of RP.
This is a role-play server, not a SOCIAL server. There are many players that visit, both male and female, of various ages and backgrounds. Please be respectful of their feelings concerning this matter. This is a Zero Tolerance rule

2. Foul language is not permitted. “Damn you to the abyss” and “He is an arse” are acceptable. However, use of the “F” word and other variations of the Slang terminologies for curse words is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. This is a Zero Tolerance rule

3. Abuse of other players will not be accepted. Treat everyone with respect if you can, and if not then do not interact with that person. Persistant griefing of another player will not be accepted. This is a Zero Tolerance rule.

4. Using Bugs or Glitches in game is forbidden. If you cannot Roleplay your character and build him or her legally, then your character need not be played. Blatant disregard of the rules, and warnings of the DM’s is grounds for your character being removed and your I.P. address and CD key being banned. This is a Zero Tolerance rule.

Players that feel they are being dis-respected or abused or witness players breaking any of the first 4 rules should take screen shots ( print screen key )and report it to an available DM in game, or via PM on the forums, so we can investigate the matter immediately. All information and identities will be kept confidential.

5. Characters
The DM staff shall be continuously monitoring the builds, inventory, and conduct of characters. This ensures that all players have a fair and equal chance while in game, and a pleasant gaming experience. Players with illegal items in their possession will have then removed, and illegal builds may need to be re-leveled or removed.

6. DM staff
The DM staff on the server are here to assist players with questions and to solve any problems. The DM's also provide the players with a fun and exciting place to adventure. If you require the assistance of a DM, switch to the DM channel and ask if a DM is present. Please be patient. Sometimes a single DM may have 2 or 3 questions or issues to resolve but they will get to you as soon as possible

7. Talk / Party / Shout / DM / Tell / Whisper
Talk is the standard channel for players to communicate I/C
Party is the standard channel for any OOC chat but sometimes a DM may ask players to use party I/C so they can move to other areas.
Shout should not be abused. keep it brief
DM channel is to call a DM
Tell is a Private message between you and another player
Whisper is exactly that. RPing quietly.

8. Metagaming
Any information that your character has or uses must of been obtained through RP. This includes the location of any character in the game and not the use of the map.
Unless it has been RPed you would not know someones name regardless of the floating letters over their heads.

9. Experience points farming
If two characters of several levels difference are in party and in the same area they must both be involved in the game. Gaining exp from someone else without contribution may result in a penalty of losing levels.
Exceptions to this can be made. A squire traveling with his Knight for instance or an apprentice escorting a mage but it must be both characters working together I/C and not farming.

10. Player Disputes
We know players will not see eye to eye on all things. Every character has a different make up, and design for their future. Sometimes, these cross paths with the ideas of another character. If there is a dispute between players concerning their characters, then a DM should be contacted to mediate the situation. Do Not take it to an OOC format and argue as that may lead to penalties on both characters / players regardless of right and wrong. If a dispute arises, then take a screen shot (print screen key) and contact a DM.

11. Containers
4 magic bags of holding, 1 scroll case, 1 potion bag and 1 gem bag are the maximum allowed containers a character is permitted to have. The pouches, bags etc. should be used for their intended purpose. For example, a longsword should not be carried inside a gem pouch.

12. Names
All Characters need to have a name. No names associated with characters from the books already in publication will be accepted.

13. Items
No player should have any items that are not the DLCR Server palette items.

14. Rebuilds or Re-levels
Take care with you build selections. If you make a mistake in the building of your character, then your stuck with it. Please do not contact a DM because you chose the wrong feat.
A re-level for roleplay circumstances may be granted on a case by case basis. Example: A blackguard that realizes over time and through Role play that his efforts for evil are based on a hatred that he no longer has, and devotes himself to the gods of light, can be given a re-level to become a paladin or another class for good.

The server is here for everyone to enjoy
The rules are in place to ensure fair play, and equal chances for all.
Please respect the rules and abide by them at all times, and have fun.
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Server Rules
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