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 Darts at the Inn

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PostSubject: Darts at the Inn   Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:06 pm

Over at the wayfarers inn within the city of Caergoth Three friends, Sneed, Stamm and Stein start their weekend revelry with a game of darts. Drinks in hand they play will talking about the week just past.
    "Aye fellas, Ain't seen Cat for near a month. Anyone seen him?'
   "Just pulled in on the Merry Beth, Stein. Should be here next few hours. Ifin he wants to be seeing old friends.
    "He'll be here when he's done at the merchants you two, Heard he picked up quite a load of gems and weapons. No one knows where he got'em but I bet it'll be an interesting conversation." Their leader Sneed replies.
    Sneed continues, "Anyone make anything this week the Boss be wanting to know. He wants his cut if you do. Getting pretty angry about our activities or should I say our lack of activity."
    Stein the short fellow with the brown eyes and black mustache responds, "Hell, boss! I keep tell'in you we need Cat to do a big job. No one smarter or quicker than that elf, and being one of them there professional locksmiths. Hell, this city be ours inside a month."
    Sneed sighs, "That ain't what Cat wants boys. He don't like the city one bit and finds his own way. Got to be respecting the elf for doin that kind of life. Most us be having no choice in the matter. Dock working pays the rent but what we do on the side just helps getting our wives the little things they like. Which means we get what we want from them. Cats cut from a different piece of cloth. Got to admire it. By the way anyone got a take for me to be taking to the Boss?"
    Stamm the tall goofy looking one that's been winning all night speaks up, "Nibbed me a box of jet gems from them dwarven mines down south. Nothing too valuable but our girls will like them." He passes five stones to Stein and ten to Sneed, "There's the bosses cut, least now he wont be complaining so much."
    Sneed looks over at Stein, "What was your take this week Stein and don't be holding back."
    Stein smiles, "Got me a shipment crate disappeared off the Singing Dame, Sneed. Large crate of cotton fabrics. We'll be fashionably warm this winter. Can't be bringing it round here. Too big. It's at the house."
    Sneed smiles and slaps Stein on the back, "Now that'll please the boss. Good work Stein. We'll wrap it up in a few hours and go to your house then mine."
    Stamm looks over to him, "What you got boss?"
    "Something we cannot use. a small crate of them cold stones from up north ways. They're for the professionals like Cat boys. We use them and probably likely be caught up and going to the justice. Best sell them to the boss and take our cut."
    Stein replies, "Is a good take boss but cant we fence em ourselves? Boss never cuts right."
    Sneed frowns, "I know but that's the price we pay for keepin the wives happy. Cant keep this one from the boss. He'll figure it out eventually and there will be hell to pay. We take our cut and thank him. Maybe buy a silken dress for the girls with our cut. Should be enough for that."
    A red haired elf walks into the inn. He looks beat up and tired. His leathers are torn and cut in places. His eyes are black and blue and there are bruises in just about every place you see skin on him. He limps over to the area the three men are playing darts and sits down at the nearest table. The waitress doesn't even ask but puts a full whiskey bottle and a glass in front of him. He pays her in gold instead of steel. She smiles and walks away.
    Sneed looks surprised, "What in the nine hells happened to you, Cat. Looks like you got pinned under a wagon and drugged through town."
    The elf unstops the cork and pours himself a double, "Success boys. I took out the gnolls. Had to do it alone but I took them out all except those two shaman they had."
    The three stop their game and sit down with him. They take the bottle and pour themselves some. Stein is the first that talks, "What you talkin bout Cat. I heard of Gnolls coarse I did but what in blazes are they."
    Cat rolls his whiskey around before swallowing the last of it then pours another. He leans back and looks at Stein giving him an inside half-smile, "Gnolls are bigger and taller than old Stamm here and they look part wolf. Nasty humanoids. They say a Gnoll can give it a go with an orc."
    Stamm utters, "Dannnng! how many were there?"
    Cat starts counting, "Two guard at the front of the cave. Four inside the entrance then two more fore you get to the throne room. In the throne room is were all the heavies were King, Queen, Shaman, heavy infantry even."
    Sneed waves his hand over the table to shush his Conrad's, "How'd you do it Cat?"
    "I shouldn't be telling you all my secrets. You three if I know ya will wander off and get yourselves kilt in the forest. It's not a place for city folk like the three of you. Still I'll tell ya. Maybe you can use it one day.
    I knew I couldn't take them all alone. I needed help but couldn't find any so I needed some mechanical help. Been there before just past Solace and even seen the throne room but before I'd take out a couple of guard and run with my booty. So I needed some trap stuff.
    Most trap stuff is hard to find Cathrops are outlawed, cant find any acid or alchemist flask but I know where to get a lot of skeleton knuckles and I know where to get them stones that make a big bang when you crush them."
    Sneed cuts in, "You mean thunderstones, Cat?"
    Cat nods while taking another swig of whiskey, "Yea, Sneed thunderstones. So I go down to Tarsis. I fought bunches of skeletons in them dried out docks and secured me plenty of knuckles. Then I travel over to that secret elven place I know and get me those stones. Now I got me some help.
    I'm ready. I take that ship to Crossings and a ride to Solace all the while making some things that will give them gnolls plenty to think about. I take out the outside guard that was easy. The four at the entrance weren't so easy. I got befuddled up for a few moments fighting them off and got a lot of bruises and cuts. The two in the next room same thing happened. Gods were na with me that day for sure. Had a hard time but made it through. I then take time to set up my traps dozens of them. There's a tunnel makes an L just before the room so I lay the traps down to where they cant see them. After I lay them out I sneak close as can and take a shot at one of the guard. They all come after me cept for the shaman. I run past the trap. All the guard go down cept the king and queen both badly hurt.
    I fight the queen round the corner first she was the worst off and easiest to take out. That done the king comes for me. He draws out this massive two handed sword and attacks. I get pushed back by his attack and what the hells do you know I come into view of the shaman. They send badgers out to help him. I duck and dive for my life. fighting away from them magic guys and fending off the king and the badgers. Decided I had to take out them critters before the king so I could concentrate. Mind you I was taking a lot of cuts now and blood was starting to drip. Not a good situation. Finally got them badgers and I got lucky taking the king down soon after.
    Now that done I had them two mages to deal with. I was so badly hurt that I knew was no use but tried a different tactic. I snuck in and raided the place with them still in the room. snuck and hid till I got to the chest and lifted their treasure. Was disappointed weren't that much in there just some stones. Did get a good amount for the weapons though and this ring which I cannot use."
    Stamm looks at the ring, "It glows awful bright, Cat."
    "Yea Stamm that's why cant use the damn thing. It's called a ring of resistance. Helps you fend off things. Problem is the damned light it emits will get you kilt in the forest at night. Not a good thing."
    Sneed eyes up the ring, "What you gonna do with it, Cat?"
    "Think I'll hold on to it maybe find a mage that can take the light off it. If now maybe give it to a lady someday catches my fancy."
    Sneed keeps his eye on the ring even though he knows he's outclassed by the elf, "Good on you, Cat. A toast to your health."
    The four take a drink and pass the bottle round. Stamm comments, "We should start callin you the forest ghost, Cat. Tell us what else you found out there."
    "Tell you what. Next week I'll tell you some more of my ventures. hows that?"
    Sneed thinks a moment and asks, "Offer still stands, Cat. We could rule this city in a few years."
    You'll find someone, Sneed. I just cannot stand the city life. You know that. I'd be willing to tip you if I hear something though."
    Sneed puts his glass up, "A deal then. For now."
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Darts at the Inn
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