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 Dragons of Krynn

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PostSubject: Dragons of Krynn   Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:41 pm


Green Dragons live in the forests of Krynn, preferring their cunning to all-out battle against any foe. Green dragons covet their treasure, hoarding away as much as they can find. When a green dragon's spells run out, it will use a deadly chlorine gas breath weapon on its foes. Cyan Bloodbane, the green dragon of Lorac Caladon's nightmares and the being behind the destruction of Silvanesti, is the most notable green dragon.

Red Dragons find their homes in mountainous country of Krynn. They are even more notorious than Green Dragons when it comes to hoarding valuables—they attack their foes with their magic first, saving their fiery breath as a last resort, to preserve their victims' treasure. Red dragons possess the ability to shapeshift, and make a difficult foe, since they are the largest of the chromatic dragons. Ember, or Pyros, was Highlord Verminaard's dragon, sent on a mission by Takhisis to find Berem Everman, and earns the distinction of 'most important red dragon.'

Blue Dragons prefer dry and desert-like environments for their homes. Blues are able to work easily as a group, cooperating to form an effective fighting force. They are the most effective dragons to take into a large organized battle because of their cooperation. Blue dragons use spells and their powerful lightning-based breath weapon to destroy their enemies. Khellendros, or Skie, was the Blue Lady's dragon mount in the War of the Lance and is likely the blue with the greatest reputation.

Black Dragons are evil dragons that prefer the solitude of swamps for their lairs. They are able to breathe underwater and are fiercely independent, to the point of being uncontrollable by their masters - the Black Wing of Dragonarmies in the War of the Lance fell apart because of its inability to control their dragons. Black dragons use darkness to blind their enemies, attacking with their deadly acid and spells. Black dragons have the ability to breathe underwater for long periods of time, but this is not indefinite. Only White Dragons can truly breathe underwater. The most famous black dragon is Khisanth, or Onyx, who guarded the Blue Crystal Staff and the Disks of Mishakal that were hidden in Xak Tsaroth prior to the War of the Lance.

White Dragons (Draco Albicanus) generally live near Icewall Glacier, or anywhere the climate is cold and inhospitable. White dragons breathe a cone of frost, and are generally considered to be the smallest and slowest-thinking members of the chromatic dragons. Living beneath the ice gives them one distinct advantage over some of the larger dragons, however: they can breathe underwater.


Brass Dragons are like their blue cousins: they prefer the arid regions of Krynn to any others. Brass dragons believe in the idea that might makes right, but are no more selfish than other dragons. When confronted by an enemy, a brass dragon will first use either or both of its breath weapons—a sleeping gas or a wave of heat—to drive off its enemies, and will use magic second.

Bronze Dragons live near bodies of water, either fresh or saltwater. Bronze dragons possess the same breath weapon as the Blue Dragons, but they also have a repulsive gas which they may breathe on their enemies. Bronze dragons dislike war, and will use their innate ability to detect thoughts to determine an enemy's intentions before battle.

Copper Dragons are the smallest of the Metallic Dragons, and prefer the mountainous regions of Krynn for their lairs. They are the most self-centered and selfish of the good dragons, but this by no means makes them evil. Copper dragons breathe a gas of slowness, and typically use this gas before engaging their opponents with non-destructive spells. If these fail to deter their enemies, then they unleash their acidic breath weapon on them.

Gold Dragons are known to become scholars and wizards, keeping spellbooks like their human counterparts. Golds prefer the mountains, and are the largest of the Metallic Dragons. Like their red cousins, gold dragons breathe a cone of fire, but they also have the ability to create chlorine gas. Golds use their spells before any other weapon when entering a battle.

Silver Dragons tend to choose homes close to human and demihuman habitations, often preferring the company of humans to dragons. They have the ability to shapeshift, which assists them in this endeavor. Silver dragons are beloved by the people of Krynn. They can breathe a cloud of paralyzing gas or a cone of cold. Heart, or Gwynneth, the silver dragon upon whom Huma Dragonbane rode into battle against the Dark Queen, is the most famous silver dragon.

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Dragons of Krynn
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