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 AIAUTA submitted for DM approval

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PostSubject: AIAUTA submitted for DM approval   Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:31 am

Submitting this character for dm approval. Black Rider will know of her full story (Fawn's mother) from my novel to which he has read. Dms will know where I am going with the character and if approved I will do my best to roleplay [Edit by BR: Moved to the DM-Section, so not to too much info is revealed to other players.] (...) her race (...).


    Deep within the Plains of Dust lies a small hidden fertile oasis. the badlands surrounding the small valley are so inhospitable that the people of the oasis have rarely if ever seen another people. On the rare occasion one would come they would see a small village of desert nomads of no import to the world in which they live. Thus they are mostly forgotten which in turn pleases the nomads to no end for their lives are a simple existence free from the politics of Krynn

          As Aiauta approaches her parents’ she becomes wary. There is an odd smell in the air. When she knocks on the door her parents answer. She is unsure what may come even though she has lived in the same village it has been thirty years since the last time she has been called. As her parents open the door she bobs her head slightly, “Diviner, Mother greetings. Counsel, Father greetings.”
    Her mother answers, “Aiauta, always a pleasure. We have a guest. Do not be afraid. He will be leaving very shortly.”
    Aiauta sees the strain on her mother’s face and wonders what could upset the leader of the village so. They step back as she steps in the door. She sees the human and averts her eyes immediately. Then timidly looks to him again but not directly into his eyes. The human looks like a desert nomad of dark skin hair and eyes. He has a short beard and seems very young yet his eyes show both a knowledge and understanding well beyond a youth’s. He stares at her in an admiration that makes her feel somehow unclean.
    She then looks to her parents questioning for they have not changed to hide their nature to this human stranger. She thinks to herself, ‘This must be a seeker come home and has not yet altered himself.’
    Counsel speaks up, “It is no trick, Aiauta. This is Mu’awiah a nomad from a tribe far away from this place therefore he is not abject to our nature. He sought us out with dire news. His time is done here isn’t it, Sir.”
    Mu’awiah comes up to Mother they clasp arms: hands to forearms in the desert style of both greeting and farewell. He bobs his head to her and her father, “I am ever at your debt and your service Diviner. I will await what is foretold.” He appreciates Aiauta’s grace one last time before making his way out and away from the village. As he does Aiauta does the same for she has never felt those warm feelings before something she has no words for.
    Her father closes the door frowning, “I had hoped for the human to leave before you Aiauta. Remember you are bound to another and until that time some fifty years or so from now you should be careful. Humans, elves, and others they are higher than beasts of the field but they are not near to our standards. Put any thoughts away about such things.”
    Aiauta nods to him, “I have never seen a human. They look surprisingly……. Sturdy.”
    Her mother speaks up the stress in her voice apparent, “I have called you here Aiauta for a reason not to get all glassy eyed over a barbarian.” She pauses a moment in thought then continues, “Mu’awiah’s visit has showed us that we have been detached from the greater world for far too long. We need to send a seeker among the races once again to find out how much has changed since last we sent someone. Counsel and myself are sending you our daughter. We feel that with your extended learning you would be best to go out among the world to be our eyes. We wish that you would seek for some time perhaps until you feel your bond take hold. If you are still seeking when this happens do not worry for he will come for you in any event. It is the nature of the bond.”
    Aiauta looks confused, “I have no wish to be a seeker.”
    Her father smiles, “None of us wish to seek, Aiauta. You must remember; You are destined to run this village one day. You are next in line if something befalls us. Being a seeker for a period of time will help you know the other races if you’re time comes and we have visitors again. You must learn to deal with these others although they have their deficiencies.”
    Aiauta is still not pleased by these revelations but says, “I will seek if only for the knowledge that I need to know, but how will I walk among the other races?”
[Edit by BR: Moved to the DM-Section, so not to too much info is revealed to other players.]
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AIAUTA submitted for DM approval
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