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 The Knighthood

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PostSubject: The Knighthood   Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:29 pm

"Est Sularus oth Mithas" "My honor is my life."
--Oath of the Knights of Solamnia

The Knights of Solamnia stand as the greatest order of chivalry in Ansalon. Founded by Vinas Solamnus in 1775 PC, in response to a vision sent by Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Habbakuk, the Knights of Solamnia are dedicated to the protection of Solamnia and Ansalon, service to the gods of Good, and above all to the ideals of honor. While there have been examples of corruption and disgrace among the Solamnic Knights, they have also given rise to some of Ansalon's greatest heroes, such as Huma Dragonbane and Sturm Brightblade.

The Measure divides the Knights of Solamnia into three orders--the Knights of the Crown, the Sword, and the Rose.

Vinas and the First Knights of Solamnia
Originally there was around twelve Knights that joined up with Vinas when he formed the Knighthood. Most were from the great families that followed him following the breaking of the Empire of Ergoth. Some of the families were the Brightblade Family, Di Caela Family, MarKenin Family, Jeoffrey Family, Celestes Family, and the Uth Wistan Family to name a few. Only a few of the first Knight's names are known including Bertel Brightblade, Peradur Soth, Gabriel Di Caela, and Elias Solamnus.

The Oath and the Measure
The Oath is quite simply Est Sularus oth Mithas, or "My honor is my life." It is the code by which all Solamnic Knights must live.

The Measure is the set of rules by which a knight lives his life, giving instruction on how to live the Oath. The Measure was once said to have spanned over 30 volumes. Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan made it his life's work to revise the Measure, yet he falls victim to senility in his old age. Liam Ehrling discovers this, and begins revising the Measure in the spirit of Gunthar's wishes. The revised Measure is revealed in 392 AC after Lord Gunthar's death. Liam Ehrling claims that it is the work of Lord Gunthar, taking no credit for himself. Lord Gunthar's place in Solamnic history was assured.

Squires of the Crown
All those who would wish to join the ranks of the Knights of Solamnia must enter the knighthood as Squires of Crown. All knights begin their training in the virtue of Loyalty. The candidate must be presented to a Knightly Council and be sponsored by a knight in good standing of any of the three orders. The candidate swears an oath of allegiance and to the honor and causes of the knighthood.

If there is no dissent amongst the council, the candidate is accepted as a squire. Questions regarding the candidate's honor require interrogation of the candidate. If the question of honor is dismissed, the candidate is accepted as a squire normally. If the question of honor is valid, the candidate is dismissed until the matter of honor can be satisfied.

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The Knighthood
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