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 Role Play and Character Body Tailoring - READ THIS!

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PostSubject: Role Play and Character Body Tailoring - READ THIS!   Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:23 pm

Currently we have upgraded the Tailoring scripts to allow pretty much anything you want in terms of modifications - However BE WARNED!!!!

This is a RP Server. Unless you have a very good back story - that you have cleared with a DM and it has been posted - then do not make modifications like tails, wings, glowing eyes, smoke auras, light rings, etc. I invite you to check out what is possible with the toolset now, the Tailor Shops are OOC areas so go ahead.

DO NOT think that any crazy looking character is ok however. If you have a concept make sure you ok it with a DM first.

Violations of this rule - if you affect other players RP - will not be tolerated and may be a BANNABLE OFFENCE if it is a deliberate and sustain act.


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Role Play and Character Body Tailoring - READ THIS!
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