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 Looking for the kid (or the idiot)

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PostSubject: Looking for the kid (or the idiot)    Sun May 03, 2015 10:17 am

During the months after she had last seen Seros, Aisha grew more and more worried. Kid didn't answer any of her messeges, and when she finaly ended up in Abanasinia and had time to go to see if her messeges had even been received, no one she talked to had seen the kid since before the take over of Solace and Haven.
Aisha had told him infiltrating red dragon army was stupid. She had told him it was too dangerous. And now she could only blaim her self that she hadn't remained in Abanasinia and talked the kid out of his crazy plans. Fearing for the worst Aisha went to Gateway to talk to some of the soldiers, but she could only find out that the man kid had pretended to be, Davis Salte, had not been seen in months. And that just before the take overs, there had been some kind of conflict between a soldier and his superiors. And knowing the kid... well.
Aisha didn't dare to talk to anyone higher up in the command chain. If the kid hadn't yet gotten caught, she didn't want to alert anyone that there was something more to Davis Salte. So she went back to Caergoth and hired Grief to find him for her.

Running into Ember in Caergoth was a suprise. And telling Grief that she could give her information in front of more or less drunk Ember... not the smartest thing to do. Not that Aisha her self wasn't worried when she heard kid really had talked agains his commanders, fought them and tried to escape only to end up in the mines under the Pax Tharkas. Oh no, Aisha was horrified. But she was not going to let Ember barge in to Pax Tharkas and get her self, and more importantly the kid too, killed in some stupid, brainless, suicidall attempt of a rescue mission. No. Aisha would not loose the kid too. They needed a plan, a good one. There must be some other way to get to the mines, and Aisha was going to find it. She just had to trust that the kid could keep him self alive long enough.

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for the kid (or the idiot)    Mon May 04, 2015 6:30 am

Ember could proudly say she did NOT barge into Pax Tharkas. Aisha could stuck her head in a well and apologize later for doubting her.

What she did was very different approach. Get alone with dragon army soldier (in this case major, what was even the difference?), shake him until he cries and make him tell how to get in to Pax Tharkas without noticing.

Well. Aisha didn't have to know what had actually happened in the end. After three dead dragon army soldiers Ember managed to ask few questions from the dear major Henry. A pretty nice guy, when you got to talk with him a little more.

But honestly... Ember knew she was not the best person to memorize information or decide some fancy plans of rescue. So what she did was to drag Henry with him to the inn near White-rage river to wait for Aisha. The older woman surely would make more sense to major Henry's information and could decide what to do with it.

This was surely going to help Seros, right? Besides, at least she had some company for the coming days when she needed to wait for Aisha to return Abanasinia.
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Looking for the kid (or the idiot)
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