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 New bartenders of the Bludsuckerz

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PostSubject: New bartenders of the Bludsuckerz   Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:14 am

When Grief hired the plainswoman, it was mostly out of boredom. Luckily Ember proved to be delightful company and one of the most efficent fighters she had ever seen. So when the job was done, it was a nice surprise that she came with her to Crossing. And even to Sanction! What a lovely pair they made.

Sanction was certainly more interesting place than Abanasinia could ever be. But how hard it was to find a tavern in this place, that would offer beds?

Well... They finally found the right place. Only to walk straigth into a fight. It was shortlived, as was the bartender. Idiots, Grief thought, killed the wrong man. Or perhaps not... She and Ember walked right behind the bar and started gathering the bottles. Grief made sure every living DA soldier and officer got their share as well, so no one could complain to higher ups.

Free booze and beds, with new unexpected friend in the tow. Who could ask for anything better.

(so the npc soldiers just killed eachother as we walked in... we just went on from there xD )

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PostSubject: Re: New bartenders of the Bludsuckerz   Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:29 am

Her new acquaintance was quite interesting... nothing like other women Ember had met before. She didn't mind getting some blood on her hands, didn't complain or thought too much. Grief just went on and did what she wanted.

She had even joined Grief to Sanction, out of boredom and need to experience new things.

And this definielty was something new and exciting.

The only minus side of the fight in Bludsuckerz was that Ember was too late to join in. The bloody fools had killed each other before she managed to even to raise her axe. With bright eyes and andrealine in her veins, plainswoman joined the other behind the counter. Not minding the dead innkeeper, she lifted herself up to sit on the desk and took the bottle Grief offered to her. There was a grin stuck on her face.

"Better to take before they take from you, eh?" She chuckled and took a long mouthful from her drink.

(Totally random but made the moment so much better xD )
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New bartenders of the Bludsuckerz
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