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 Submit or Die! And get rid of some of those trees while you're at it!

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PostSubject: Submit or Die! And get rid of some of those trees while you're at it!   Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:40 pm

The Red Wing is on alert! Tidings from the Blue Wing have it that High Lord Diesel is looking for a Blue Crystal Staff!  - Yes again -  

Certain events (like the resurrection of a man) and rumors of divine healing in the area of Solace have given rise to fears of a Dragon Army attack!  The Red Wing has been seen marshaling near Pax Tharkas, New Ports and Gateway Pass with a force of sufficient number to overwhelm all of Abanasinia!  It is only a matter of time now before the people of Solace and Haven feel the heavy boot of the High Lord (Lady?) Lily Dernius.

Forces loyal to the High Lord Dernius have been scouring the lands looking for the staff to no avail; although the unsuccessful searchers do make excellent rugs and/or fire-place decor.
(( OOC - This event is the follow up to the Quest for a True Cleric event, now on-going.  This event is set for April 5th (Sunday at 9 AM eastern time); which will give us time to clean up and complete the current event in Xak Tsaroth.  Please be aware that the players involved in the Xak Tsaroth event cannot RP those events until we finish the whole thing - even if they play their characters in the mean-time.  No meta-gaming - you have been warned!

If you are interested in participating in this event please do make your interest known and the character you intend to play - you can play a goody if you like - but you CANNOT play the same character you used in the Quest for a True Cleric event! ))

BD *Puffs*   study
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Submit or Die! And get rid of some of those trees while you're at it!
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