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 Thoradorian Minotaurs

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PostSubject: Thoradorian Minotaurs   Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:04 pm

Thoradorian minotaurs are a degenerate race cast off from the minotaur people in ages prior to the Cataclysm. The exact cause of the Thoradorian degeneration remains unknown, though Imperium scholars speculate inbreeding
has much to do with it.

According to Thoradorian legend, one of their ancestors betrayed the emperor, resulting in the exile of the entire Thorador clan. Sargas, angry at the betrayal,
cursed the Thoradorian minotaurs, causing them to appear bestial.

Sargas decreed that since the Thoradorians sought blood, their entire history would be tainted by it. They were cast out by minotaur clerics, and their names wiped from the histories. The exiled clan traveled to southwestern Mithas to a stretch of land known as Thorad-Duur, an inhospitable area close to Argon’s Chain. The Thoradorian minotaurs survived, tempered by storms, volcanoes, and the beasts of the wild. They met every challenge, becoming masters of the land, though they would not be tolerated in minotaur society again.

Physical Appearance

Thoradorian minotaurs are physically similar to their Blood Sea cousins; the coloring of their fur, manes, and eyes are consistant with the other minotaurs. However, Thoradorians are more bestial, with harder, more animalistic features and a further hunched stature. They also have hooved feet, as opposed to their cousins’ toed feet. This is source of much resentment among the Thoradorian minotaurs.

Thoradorians are much more tribal in their dress. They will wear leather kilts or loin cloths, although they have adopted the harness of their cousins. Females
decorate their horns with symbols of Sargas and Zeboim, while male horns are carved with serrated edges.


Thoradorian minotaur society, like that of their Blood Sea cousins, is based on the concept of strength conquering all, though there are some differences. While Blood Sea minotaurs view the concept both physically and mentally,
Thoradorian minotaurs believe only in brute physical strength. Discipline is nearly non-existent with the Thoradorians, leading the Blood Sea minotaurs to believe that their cousins are lazy.

Thoradorian minotaurs are savage and feral—the ultimate predator. Thoradorian minotaurs are governed by their passions and innermost primal urges; with natural cunning, hunter’s instinct, and warrior heart, they are at the top of the food chain. Anger and hatred fuel their actions, allowing them to tap into their inner primal fury and causing them to be fearsome warriors.

Social Structure

Thoradorian minotaurs are divided into two castes, the warriors and the Kagas, or spiritual leaders. This division is through gender. Males are of the warrior caste, and females are of the Kagas. Vengeance and fury govern the actions of
the Thoradorians, though they have not managed to seek the ultimate vengeance on their Blood Sea cousins for their exile.

The Thoradorian minotaurs are divided again into five tribes: the Banaak, Tivok, Durakor, Taguk, and Guur. A chieftain, who is always male, leads each tribe.
The chieftain sees to the day-to-day affairs of the tribe, providing food and officiating between disputes. The chieftain wins his post during battle in the Labyrinth, a dangerous network of local caves; failure means death.

The Kagas serve as the spiritual leaders of each tribe, with the Kaganok serving as tribal shaman. The Kagas make certain all members of the tribe are living life according to the will of Sargas and his daughter, Zeboim. The Kaganok
is typically the mate of the chieftain and a cleric of Sargas, though the Kaganok of the Tivok tribe is usually a cleric of Zeboim. If the chieftain has no mate, it may be his mother, daughter, sister, or closest female relative. The chieftain’s
word can only be superseded by the Kaganok when it is a matter of grave spiritual importance.
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Thoradorian Minotaurs
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