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 The Kazelati

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PostSubject: The Kazelati   Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:56 pm

The Kazelati are a renegade offshoot of the Blood Sea minotaurs, revealing themselves to the outside world during the Chaos War when they formed
a temporary alliance with their imperial cousins. However, their clan-nation dates back centuries to its founding by Kaziganthi de-Orilg, known also as Kaz Dragonslayer, the companion of the legendary Solamnic knight, Huma Dragonbane. They draw their name from Kaz and his mate, Helati.
Kazelati minotaurs are taller and slimmer thanother minotaurs and have angular features.

Some misread the expressions on their faces as distrustful or brooding. They wear utilitarian, dark brown kilts with tunics. Females cloak themselves in slightly demure, but still functional, outfits akin to those worn by males.

The Kazelati Realm, as they call their clan-nation, exists on the Holakan Islands (Sesta Kyri, Delbaras, Belkria, Paladus, and Jolithian). The capital city of Ganthysos lies on the largest island, Sesta Kyri, as does the colony of Kazaris. Half of the citizens live in Ganthysos, a city filled with imposing buildings
of marble and wood. Kaz’s own son, Kyris Lawgiver, handed down the laws of the Kazelati.

Kyris was the first to adopt the title of Patriarch, a title that remains the same regardless of gender. Below the Patriarch in the hierarchy is the Council of twelve. Next are fifty Sentinels, who govern the various districts of the realm.

The Kazelati worship the bison-headed warrior god, Kiri-Jolith, and his father, Paladine. This tradition was passed down since the time of Kaz in honor of
Kaz and Huma.
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The Kazelati
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