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 Not fit for the Wyne family

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PostSubject: Not fit for the Wyne family   Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:50 am

Seros holds his breath and tries not to tremble in the cool air of the night. Hiding among the plants, under an open window he hears to the two voices discussing about his latest mischiefs. All he wanted to do was to sneak back in and go to bed, but now he forced to listen everything that his parents are saying. It’s mostly the same old story, how he is a constant disappointment and what could be done to change it.

But tonight something is different. After the usual argument his father Andred sighs deeply. When he continues, his voice sounds so… hollow. And final. Like he has given up.

“I don’t understand how such a useless boy could be my own flesh and blood. Such a simpleton and troublemaker. Serena and Davis are nothing like him. And we raised him just as good as them! So upbringing cannot be the reason behind his constant failure. Perhaps we just have to face the fact that he will never be anything more than a disappointment.”

“But he is still young. If we just tried harder…” His mother’s words are quickly cut off.

“No Melinda, my love... I’m afraid there is little we can do to fix this. His sister and brother were born lucky. He was just lucky to be born at all. Wyne family has no need for the likes of him.”

The boy does not remember what went between his parents afterwards, other than that his mother was crying. His whole mind went blank. Much later, when the lights are finally out, he crawls from his hiding spot with heavy limbs. He feels like he wants to cry too, but for some reason there are no tears on his face. Could it be that in deep inside him he already knew that it was true? That he was and always would be a failure?

No! Determination flashes in his eyes. He would not simply give up because his family thought him to be hopeless. So he didn’t fit into their mold? No matter! The world is vast and reaches beyond Caergoth’s walls. He would find his place somewhere else and make them see they were wrong about him.

(just some slightly updated little story of Seros Wyne's past, that I wrote few years ago... my boy has come a long way since then :3 now he can tank you to the ground like a boss)
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Not fit for the Wyne family
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