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 Fetching a bone for Theo

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PostSubject: Fetching a bone for Theo   Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:21 am

After the barbarian and her companion left Theobald contemplated the bone they delivered.  "Ingvar Nelways... you never respected me." He then dropped the bone into a drawer in his desk and went back to his business.

<< You are encouraged to POST here  thanks - it is important for other players to read about this type of RP - do not worry about meta-gaming - we have the all powerful DM smite to to care of that. >>

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PostSubject: Re: Fetching a bone for Theo   Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:18 pm

<the day after, a letter written on fine paper is given to Theobald at the Solace School of Art>

Dear Theobald,
I'm writing you this letter pushed by the concern for the recent events involving a certain undead wizard inhabiting the nearby graveyard.
Ani told me it was one of your pupils, and now he's become a dangerous renegade. She told me he teased and challanged you by sending you a bone.
I could only imagine how much you should be suffering, but also because of this, you surely understand the situation must be resolved as soon as possible, regardless of past history between you two.
I wrote you to ask if you have already informed the Conclave of the threat constituted by this lich. I was going to inform Par-Salian myself, but I thought that, considering your personal involvement in the matter, I should ask you first, to avoid to make you appear in a bad light, considering you don't deserve it.
You've been a fine master for me as for all the students here in Solace. A single failure won't ruin the work of your whole life.

Your sister in the White Order Adana
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Fetching a bone for Theo
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