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 The Fall of House Kavey

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PostSubject: The Fall of House Kavey   Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:35 pm

Outside the walls of the ancient Manor House of Autumn Harvest could be clearly heard the sounds of battle.  The screams of the dying setting a grim backdrop to the hushed conversation in the Lord's Private Council Room.  Lord Kavey, battle hardened and grim before both ally and foe alike, shed a tear as his youngest child was readied for travel.
"I shall defend her with my life," said the elder woman, "like she was my own daughter."
"I know Gretta," he said, barely audible over the noise outside. "Please leave me a minute to say farewell in private."  The old woman nodded and entered the secret passage that would be her escape route with the child.
John Kavey, Lord Knight of the Sword, and Master of the lands of Autumn Harvest, regarded his young daughter Faylin. She had a look about her, a look of intelligence and understanding that belied her age.  It unnerved the Knight and in some ways made his decision easier.  Send this one south to Abanasinia until it was safe to return.  He did not know when that would be; but he knew he had to act quickly - for her sake.
"You will be taken care of Fay," he said finally, "and I will drive these vermin from our lands. I just need to know that you are safe."
"I know Father," she replied in a matter-of-fact tone, "I have read the reports from your scouts.  There are many thousands of these new soldiers in red and blue armour.  You will need time to rally the noble families to action.  It is the way it has always been with Solamnia."
Lord Kavey raised an eyebrow, his only visible sign of discomfort at his child's all to prophetic words.  He resisted the temptation to make a protective sign in front of himself.  After all, he thought, she is still just a child. She could have heard such words before from house guests or staff.
"Yes my daughter, that is true." he bent low.  "Now I know you will be brave, like your elder sister, and carry out your duties in the southern holds as you would here. As a Kavey, your uncle will expect nothing less of you."
"Yes Father," she nodded.
A brief embrace was all she received from him before she was rushed through the secret passage to a waiting boat on the River Vingaard.  It was night and the river swift, they would be in Solanthus well before dawn and then make their way south to Port'o'Call and then across the straits.
Lord Kavey trusted her to loyal servants; but he trusted no one but himself to the defence of his home.  After seeing his daughter safely to her launch he returned to the wall and gazed out over the  battlefield at the amassed enemy.
Bah! He scoffed, these were mostly humanoid scum and ruffians from the Taman Busuk. Even their greater numbers would not see them through an extended campaign against Solamnia. Then he looked up at several specks in the sky.  Specks that became larger with each passing moment until the outline of the flying creatures became obvious. The men-at-arms on the battlements screamed and some ran in fear. Lord Kavey drew his sword and shouted commands.
"So, the legends were true," he said quietly to himself.

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The Fall of House Kavey
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