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 Mutant Pigs and White Stags

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PostSubject: Mutant Pigs and White Stags   Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:22 pm

As the night fell, Sath went to see the bandit camp she had been told about. She used the shadows and woods to stay unnoticed, just like so many times before. She wanted to see the black boars Aisha had been talking about. If they were natural beast, she would set them free. And if not - well someone would have to make sure they don't continue to hurt people or destroy the balance in nature. The woodcutters were another thing. There was no reason to cut down the woods of Crystalmir. Well, maybe the incoming war. Sath took her time to observe the bandit camp and try to see the boars.

While watching the woodcutters from the shadows of night, she had time to thing about what she had heard about the white stag and forestmaster. She remembered a tale about Kith-Kanan meeting the forestmaster, who was said to live in the Darken Wood. But she had never heard of the White Stag, especially not one that talks. She was a bit offended - after all, she was a ranger of the woods, a servant of the Beast, part of the nature herself. And she had been sleeping in those woods for a while, not daring to return her home. Still the "White Stag" would rather talk to a human with no bond to nature. Yet Sath was ready to help that woman with the task. After all, taking care of the nature was her duty.
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Mutant Pigs and White Stags
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