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 Hope and faith

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PostSubject: Hope and faith   Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:02 am

It had happened so fast. There had been three of them versus just one person and this was the outcome. Seros had barely managed to raise his shield in defense when Diesel had attacked. The young man thought he stood on equal footing, plus he had Aisha and Carkain right beside him. They had a chance!

Gravestone had picked them one by one and left them to die on the road. They had failed… and would pay with their lives.

The first thing Seros realized when he woke was Aisha, worrying of him. He felt dizzy and confused, but otherwise… he was completely fine. Carkain too was waking and seemed to be alright. How was this even possible?

At that moment he saw her, the beautiful lady in blue. She spoke to them softly, saying that she had watched over them and revived them from the brink of death. She spoke to them of faith and hope. That it was not them who had turned their backs…

Seros remembered what he had learned in the library. He knew almost for certain a name for this gentle lady. But he didn’t dare to say it out loud, fearing that it would wake him up from a dream and shatter the fragile hope that had rose in his heart.

She asked them to have faith and always defend those who could not do it themselves. The last part Seros would have done in any case. And perhaps under all the dark thoughts and the humiliation of this defeat… he had some faith too.

(a.k.a. the chapter where Gravestone finally kills us and still fails Razz )
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PostSubject: Re: Hope and faith   Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:19 am

Aisha didn't remember when she had last been so angry with someone. Who cared about some stupid staff, but the way that horrible man spoke about Ember, about plainspeople and even about elves (not something Aisha had really ever cared about... but common enemy and so on) made her blood boil.
And of course kid had to get there just when blades were drawn.
This would not end well.

Aisha was surprised to wake up, but more than that she was worried. Kid and Carkain both lay on the ground, unmoving, and for a second she thought... but no. Kid woke up. Thank the gods. And Carkain seemed to be alright as well.
And a lady in blue dress smiled at her told them to have faith.
Aisha didn't really want to believe who she was. She spoke truthfully when she told her she hoped there would be someone else to listen than just Takhisis, but to see that there actually was someone... She couldn't believe it. And then she felt like gently scolded child when the lady told her she new her name.
So the gods were back. Well. Atleast two of them.
Aisha could have atleast little bit help after that.
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PostSubject: Re: Hope and faith   Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:48 am

It has been long since Carkain had possessed any hope in his heart. Since he had faced the darkness and tried finally stand against it. It was still hard to keep it lit after what they had experienced and seen. The blue dressed woman... no one needed to say who she was. Undesrtanding came easily.

Later on, questions and doubt started to swirl in his mind; Where had been Gods when the army butchered his tribe? His wife and daughter? Why didn't they come earlier, to stop all this destruction? And would all other races and people in Krynn join their arms to defeat Takhisis?

Seros and Aisha seemed enough good people. The woman and the youngster eagerly wanted to fight against this evil – even when hope and faith was hard to keep.

Carkain had sworn to help them and perhaps it was time for him to start caring again.He struggled to keep his hope up... but maybe it was more important to try and give other people this piece of faith and light. Try and find more right hearted men and woman to join them.

(He already had spoken to few people about this. Two elves, or at least he thought they were elves, had given him another reason to get frustrated. Then this woman, Kide, had said that she wanted to help. The man agreed to bring Seros and Aisha meet her after three days.)

Even with small hope, it would be too easy to let himself been driven only by the revenge.
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PostSubject: Re: Hope and faith   Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:48 am

Lord Diesel " Gravestone " Fallon dug his spurs hard into the flanks of his horse Shadow, to get every last bit of speed from the beast. His long hair was soaked by the rain, the cold bit in to his face and his clothes whipped about his body as he charged full speed into Neraka. His direction was the temple of Takhisis in the City Core.
Practically jumping in mid stride from the horse he ran up the steps and through the doors. The Temple guards looked on and wondered what could possibly be so important to have a Highlord rushing through the streets.
Diesel's pace slowed to a walk as he approached the large black altar.  Removing his helmet he tossed it to the ground and dropped to his knees.
He had rode across the land for almost a week, bringing his horse to almost die of exhaustion and had rehearsed this moment many times in his mind.

My Queen, , , It is your most humble servant Lord Fallon, , , I bring news and also a gift that may bring you pleasure.  I have it..  I have the Blue Crystal Staff.  Que Shu and the villages are now controlled by Your Might.  Tarsis is defeated and everyone left alive serves you my Queen. Solace and Haven will soon be yours and Now I give you the Blue Crystal Staff.

The room grew dark... an absolute darkness that sucked away any light apart from the one torch aside the altar. Along with the darkness came a sensation, a feeling of awesome power, almost crushing the breath from Diesel's chest.  Diesel had been contacted by the Dark Queen in various forms but untill today he had not truly felt her power.

" Lord Fallon. " The sound of his name echoed around the room, causing him to feel disorientated.
]i]"You have done well. "[/i] The strange feelings continued to wash over Diesel. Now a warmth grew from his inner most soul and radiated outwards to make his whole body feel filled with energy and as lively as a teenager.
" Things are progressing as I planned " As the Queen spoke Diesel felt his muscles harden, his blood rush through his veins, his very being felt stronger.
" Tell me Lord Fallon. . . How should I reward you ? "..
Diesel was proud of the fact he had pleased the Queen but had no doubts that he should not demand any reward.
" My Queen " he answered " To serve your great majesty is reward in itself "
" You are charming for a mortal Fallon and have pleased me. I offer this to you. . " The Dark Queen paused for what seemed like minutes but could only have been a few seconds.
" I offer to you the Ancient Blue Dragon Cabalistas ".
Diesel had seen this magnificant creature several times and had heard tales of her bravery and loyalty.  " My Queen. You are more generous than I have ever expected. "
No Fallon.  I am not generous.  Cabalistas will be your mount in the wars to come,  , but should you fail me Fallon you will become her lunch "
" Place the staff on the alter and then you may leave to visit your new steed "

The Darkness and the aura seemed to drain out of the temple like water down a drain, allowing the torches to once again light the room.  Diesel took the staff, still wrapped in an old cloak and placed it on the floor next to the Dark Altar.

Before he turned to leave he whispered " my life, my heart and my soul are yours my queen ".

The sunlight burned Diesel's eyes as he left the dimly lit temple but nothing would slow him from his walk to the Dragon Pits...  To finally own a Dragon. NO not just any dragon but the great Cabalistas would be truly awesome and as Diesel walked he did allow himself the hint of a smile. . .

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PostSubject: Re: Hope and faith   

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Hope and faith
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