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 Guidelines for roleplay

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HDM Rattle

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PostSubject: Guidelines for roleplay   Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:39 pm

I've been following the players at the server for some time and I've noticed some things that bother me. These guidelines are here, because I'd like to see some good roleplaying and none of the glich/bug/absent DMs abusing gaming.

These are guidelines, no rules, but if you play by them, we will all have better time.

1. Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn is a ROLEPLAY server
If you are alone on the server, feel free to explore, modify your appearance and outfit, kill monsters for exp...

But as other players appear, we would like you to get involved into RPing and start to interact with other players at some point. Staying by yourself ALL THE TIME is actually against the idea of roleplaying server. Seek roleplay situations, and if you don't have character that could easily interact with others, make a new one. Seriously, all the characters should be suitable for RP, but sometimes it's silly to bring your elf in the middle of Dragonarmies. Don't avoid RP situations because you want to get your character to the next level before others. You can always raid caves together and RP at the same time. We should be here to have fun together, not competing.
But if you do want to stay by yourself, please let other players know.

2. Know your Dragonlance AND your timeline
This is a Dragonlance server and if you don't know your Dragonlance, you are probably at some point going to do something that is against the setting. That is why it would be good to have at least the basic knowledge. Reading all of the books is not mandatory, but it helps you to understand the world of Krynn.
If there is no time for that, please use the oportunity to ask others/get help. If something is not perfect the first or second time, you might be informed / explained the issue. We ask you to try to stick to the setting.

Then again, if you've read all of the books, you probably know more than is necessary. That is why knowing the timeline is also important.
The Official Timeline for the server
The War of the Lance is about to hit Abanasinia and Solamnia, Gods are starting to return, slowly though. This is why there are some class restrictions.

3. Metagaming ruins the fun
Yes, you've explored through the whole server, read all of the books and know every detail in the lore. That's cool, but if you use that knowledge the wrong way, it will ruin the fun. Always think what your character would do, think and what they should know. Characters should not be all-knowing, and they can't know what is going to happen next (even if you've already read the book). People know little about the gods, some might know about the coming war, some even be part of it, but it's more fun to gain the knowledge by themselves. And don't trust the books. We DMs like to change events and details, and of course the players modify the history of the Krynn by roleplaying their characters.

Another thing: Descriptions and names can be meta-information if the character is for example wearing a disguise. So respect both disguises/hoods and descriptions. It is always good thing to read ones description if there is one. Most of them are written to give the first impression and tell something about the characters appearances.

4. Use the map wisely
In party, you can see where other players are with their characters. That way you can get yourself to RP with them, and it is advisable to do so. But if you're looking for an enemy or someone you're trying to hunt down, it's cheating when you use the map. It's also odd, if your DA characters follows KoS characters to Solamnic citys because he sees OOC that they are there.

5. Skill checks are roleplaying too
The server makes automatic skill checks when you pick a lock, tumble, concentrate etc. but you can also use the skills in RP.
For Example: Angry DA Soldier is trying to scare elves, and uses intimitade. The server will make skill check if you write *intimidate* between asterisks/starts. Still, it's quite dull just write *intimidates* or *bluffs*. Instead, write whole sentences and use the skill checks as a part of the roleplay.
Angry DA Soldier: I am going to make a pie out of you! *is trying to intimidate the elf*
Elf: But I'm a human! *tries to bluff the soldier by hiding his pointy ears*

The abilities can be used the same way.

Side note: Only the player and DMs can see the skill check, so use these if you RP with NPCs etc. I think we could take the PC Dice Bag in place at some point, if needed.

6. Grinding levels is not what we are here for
Everybody wants to reach the level cap, but grinding characters is just stupid. I hope everyone sees why without me starting to rant about it.

7. Certain classes have certain limitations and guidelines
For example wizards. Since you are not allowed to take more than 5 levels before the Test of the High Sorcery, some characters level up to 5th level as soon as they can, and then apply for the Towers. We want to see some rolepalying before we have your test. In Krynn you don't see self-taught wizards. Apprentices should belong to some school or have a mentor. Get a mentor for your character, and roleplay it before you go to your test.
It's always good to check if the class/faction you want to belong to has some special features. Ask the DMs when making the character so you won't be surprised.

8. Use common sense when roleplaying
This is simple. Do the best you can, ask for help and guidance if you need, and be a respectful and nice player. Know the race you are playing, know the faction and if you are not sure about something, ask the DM Staff.
Don't try to win. This is a game, but a rolegame, and we are not here just to beat others.

How fine you look when dressed in rage. Your enemies are fortunate your condition is not permanent.
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Guidelines for roleplay
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