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 Meeting with the Beast...

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PostSubject: Meeting with the Beast...   Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:54 am

Days were passing. Time didn't seem to move anymore and the sky was getting darker in the ruined streets near Tarsis. Thrishdek had been drinking for weeks.

Gypsies and random bandits wanted his booze, so only activity, besides drinking, was driving them off. Their attacks got bolder and angrier, or so Thrishdek thought. He fought them like a bravest soldier in the day and at nightfall he took off his mysteriously-gained suit of armor. And he drank.

A warrior riding a horse appeared one day and was ambushed by gypsies. They were more clever that day than ever. Thrishdek helped the woman fight off her attackers. She thanked for helping her, gave Thrishdek a ring out of gratitude, and asked about an army, that had invaded Tarsis, which Thrishdek knew nothing of. The warrior were about to leave, when the gypsies came back. Stronger than ever, accompanied by wicked wizards, the attack was too much for the warrior. Thrishdek got cover before the wizards used their spells and when the dust settled, the warrior's horse laid dead and warrior herself was near dead too. Thrishdek felt a moment of heroism and rushed into battle.
The fight lasted several minutes and finally the gypsies ran off. He felt exhausted. He stumbled to the warrior and used a potion to heal her wounds. The warrior regained consciousness and immediatly placed her sword on Thrishdeks neck.

"What was that?" she said. "Just before I passed out I saw you using a spell. You killed my horse!"

Thrishdek was confused. All he had heard of magic was from a wandering wizard more than a couple of years ago. He knew it needed concentration and ingredients, and more importantly, the caster couldn't wear armor like his. The warrior were very persistent on her accusations. "You don't have anything worth of my horse. I'll settle for your hand as payment." Thrishdek was not comfortable with that kind of payment and at last possible moment, he tricked the warrior. He requested one last bottle of booze. He took a bottle from his pockets and it was an invisibility potion he had found from one of the houses.

The following days Thrishdek ran. He stopped at Tarsis only to see it was crowded with soldiers of the army he had heard of. He headed for coast and decided to go back home to Northern Ergoth. No ships were sailing there that day, and only ship leaving was to Crossing. Being the only option, he set sail. Ship arrived at Crossing and from there he continued with a wagon that was just leaving for the town of Solace.

Storm was brewing above Solace.

Wagon stopped and he heard conversation outside. He jumped off and saw an old man nagging at couple of younger persons; a man in dark armor and a woman. The old man left and Thrishdek was facing the man. He had seen him in some cavern some time ago; the man promised not to kill Thrishdek that time, and walked off. Now the man seemed even more angrier. The news about Thrishdek's and the warrior's meeting had crossed the land far swifter than Thrishdek had, and it seemed that the man was some kind of leader for the warrior. Wanting nothing more than peace with the warrior, Thrishdek tried to reason with the man. The outcome was not pleasant.

The man in dark armor cut Thrishdek's left arm off. Thrishdek felt to his knees. Clouds had gathered and it was raining heavily and a wild cooshee had appeared next to him. The man raised his sword once again and placed it in Thrishdeks forehead and as the man was getting ready to slice his head off, lightning struck Thrishdek.

He was not injured by it. The fear had passed and he saw how the man took steps back. He rised to his feet and then he passed away.


Thrishdek opened his eyes. He saw the cooshee staring at him with eyes that sparkled with lightning. Its presence was soothing. Thrishdek heard its voice in his head. It was calm and beautiful. "I am the Beast. The trees, the rivers and animals." it said. "A war is coming. War has two sides but then there are those who can't defend themselves." Thrishdek was amazed and stunned by its words. "I want you to be my champion. Pray to me and I shall give you what you ask. Fight for those who can't, and tend the land."

For his own surprise, Thrishdek agreed. For the first time in his life, he had a reason to live. He had became a warrior for higher cause.

He had became a cleric of Chislev.

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Meeting with the Beast...
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