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 Qualinesti Elves

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PostSubject: Qualinesti Elves   Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:28 pm

An elf of Ansalon is a mixture of contradictions. Each has a wild, primitive side, one seeking unity with the natural world around him; the Kagonesti embrace this.

Conversely, there is also a side that aspires to learn, create, and raise mortal civilization to new heights; the Silvanesti have taken that mantle.

The Qualinesti have taken what could be considered the middle path, but in truth, it’s much more than simply an amalgamation of Silvanesti cultural refinement with Kagonesti conscience. The Qualinesti represent the progressive side of elvendom and are more willing to engage the wider world than other elven nations.

Physical Description

Qualinesti tend to be a shade taller and noticeably slighter than their Kagonesti brethren. Their build is willowy and graceful with a complexion the light color of sun-bleached oak. Their hair color runs from a rich walnut to the golden of autumn aspen leaves and is, almost without exception, thick and full. Before the tragedy of Qualinost and the nation’s subsequent exile, many Qualinesti women wore their long hair in luxurious and complex braids. Now, however, with the vast majority of Qualinesti in exile in
Khur, practicality has led to more utilitarian hairstyles for both sexes.

Qualinesti facial features are fine and delicate, with high cheekbones and sharp, piercing eyes of chestnut brown or sky blue.
Qualinesti dress is designed to be functional yet beautiful, with men favoring woven trousers and jerkins. Women once preferred long dresses or skirts with a form-fitting bodice, but after the exile to Khur, they have begun to dress with more practicality in mind.

In the deserts of Khur, both sexes add a geb, a white robe-like garment of Khurish origin, in order to ward off the heat of the sun. Browns, muted greens, and other rich earth tones dominate Qualinesti traditional dress. The clothing of both sexes is generally plainer than the clothes the Kagonesti wear—there’s less intricate embroidery, except in formalwear, which is extravagantly decorated with all manner of patterns.

When dressing for function, Qualinesti prefer rugged leathers similar to those worn by the Kagonesti. A buckskin tunic and leggings with stout boots and hardened leather armor is common for Qualinesti scouts. Qualinesti warriors will add metal armor: elven chain for lightly armored warriors, high quality full plate and mail for heavy troops.
Both Qualinesti men and women wear jewelry. Earrings are extremely common among women, and some men wear them as well. Bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are also frequently worn by both sexes. For formal occasions, women will wear tiaras, circlets, coronets, ornate barrettes, and other ornamentation in their hair. Unfortunately, this sort of formality has become rare since
the fall of Qualinost.
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Qualinesti Elves
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