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 Status on porting WoRm-tileset-areas

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Status on porting WoRm-tileset-areas Empty
PostSubject: Status on porting WoRm-tileset-areas   Status on porting WoRm-tileset-areas Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 11:25 am

If you read through the bug section, you may have noticed the thread on long loadingtimes (or noticed IG) of areas, which have been build with the original WoRms tileset together with the addon of Sen.

After I nailed down the reason(s) for it, I created special sets, which will load much faster and even load on my elderly PC with less than 1 GIG of RAM (though it still loads around 1 minute for larger areas). This smoothens the gameflow on elderly PCs a bit.

I found a way to port/transfer areas, which is much faster than to do a complete rebuild (especially for those areas, which are full of non-tileset details, like Caergoth), but still, it takes some time.

So here, I will post the areas, which have been ported and in which module version they will appear:

Since DLCR version 1.21:
Caergoth Center, Docks, West and East
Shippassage - Crossing <-> Caergoth
Tarsis - New City
Gateway Pass (well, that is a new area, but uses WoRms)
Gateway Road North
Solace - Western Woods
Haven - Southern Woods

... maybe more to come for this release. It will be added.

Afternote: The amount of RAM influences the loading time of an area, too.

Status on porting WoRm-tileset-areas Dlnclo10

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Status on porting WoRm-tileset-areas
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