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 (Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) Miss H., Miss L., and a stranger...

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PostSubject: (Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) Miss H., Miss L., and a stranger...   Fri May 04, 2012 6:15 pm

Heather hadn't cared for anything for a while, so long in fact, meditation was easy.  She had no one to care for or worry for , so her form was perfect. Neutrality was effortless, until she met Miss L.

     She met Miss L. for the first time deep in the countryside, they were both injured and survived by working together until they reached a settlement and some safety among other people.  Perhaps they were both embarrassed by the show of weakness to a stranger, but they left each other's company that day with a polite nod.

    The second time they met on chance in The Inn of the Last Home, by the fire. While having idol awkward chat, they were interrupted by a man with an intriguing offer. The job ended up being larger then just the two maids could chew, so they gave in to a dashing friend of Miss L.'s and were a trio.  The job itself was a bloody one, as well as profitable...perhaps a tiny bit noble in the end. At any rate, Heather was comfortable enough with the arrangement. It was Neutral and Balanced, she understood it.  

     On that trip, Heather had found a strange deck of cards in a box, looking at it for more than a few minutes made her a bit dizzy, so , she put it away for a bit...or a month...

     Then, on a comfortable evening in Solace, Heather walked into the INN and changed EVERYTHING.

     Heather was dirty and hungry when she entered the INN of the Last Home. Miss L. was at the bar speaking with Otic, Heather jumped in and asked if she could order potatoes with her, and Miss L. accepted. While nursing their drinks , they both spy a strange character sitting by the fire. Never to be dissuaded from a meal, Heather encourages them to wait for the food and then she remembers the strange item...perhaps Miss L. could be trusted with the secret? And so, she reveals the thing,a mysterious deck of cards...Perhaps they could take it outside to examine after the meal?

     Heather picked out three cards to hand to Miss L. and many strange things happened.  First, cards flew out of the deck on their own and all of them disappeared into thin air. While Heather stared at Miss L. in astonishment...things became rosier, that was the only way for Heather to come to grip with the feeling of warmth towards her fellow man, and for the first time in a long time she smiles with a full heart, truly smiles without malice . Then her pack gets heavy, very very heavy. upon inspection she finds twice all of her equipment, which she promptly shares with Miss L.  Then she doesn't feel well, quite sick in fact. Heather shakes quakes sweats pants pukes falls prostrate and passes out. When she awakens she is in a room at the INN, she still feels this rosy cozy feeling, and frankly, is getting used to it. until she gets up, then she pukes.
    It takes a long time, a medicine woman, and an awful lot of spiced potatoes to get her up again, but eventually, she rises again. Ready to find Miss L. for another adventure, perhaps this time a noble cause!
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(Archive = Oct. 2012 and before!) Miss H., Miss L., and a stranger...
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