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 Kagonesti Elves

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PostSubject: Kagonesti Elves   Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:25 pm

Truly Children of the Wood, the Kagonesti, of all the different varieties of elves, are the most at home in the deep wilderness. Their lifestyle has changed little in four thousand years of elven civilization.

Physical Appearance

Kagonesti look the least like the stereotypical elf. They tend to be shorter in stature but more muscular than other elves. Their skin is usually a rich brown—darker than their more civilized cousins—ranging from the hue of honeystained oak to the deep bronze of weathered mahogany.Their hair is often darker than other elves’ as well, with shades from the silky red-black of ironwood to the sandy tan of pine.

Some Kagonesti have been known to have silvery white hair, starkly contrasting with their darker complexion. Many women wear their hair in a long single braid, a fashion popularized by Kerianseray. Their eyes are almost always the brown of hazel nuts. Their faces tend to be more weathered than other elves, a consequence of spending so many years in the elements. Despite this,
even the most rugged and weather-beaten Kagonesti face appears the very picture of perfection compared to most humans.

Kagonesti frequently decorate themselves with body art. They love designs inspired by life in their native forests, and they often fuse geometric patterns with smooth organic shapes. The geometric shapes are usually surrounded by stylized vines, leaves, or indistinct long flowing strokes suggesting life; this symbolizes to them that artificial constructs, whether manufactured
buildings or cultures and societies, can never truly escape their natural roots. Sometimes these designs are applied temporarily using natural dyes and inks. Other times, they are permanent tattoos. They serve purposes ranging from simple vanity to deep spiritual expression. Most who receive body art favor the forearms, the back, and the face, but the entire body is a potential canvas for a skilled Kagonesti tattoo artist.

Typical Kagonesti clothing consists of sturdy buckskin or other leather, but it is far from primitive. Kagonesti tanners often embroider intricate patterns into the material, usually a combination of geometric designs surrounded by smooth, organic lines inspired by the natural world, similar to the designs used in Kagonesti body art. An elaborately embroidered sleeveless leather
tunic is very common among Kagonesti, often adorned with heavy fringe and closed by a leather belt either tied or clasped with a silver buckle. Both sexes typically wear leather or linen leggings and supple deerskin boots. In colder months, they might add a long sleeved shirt of linen or silk under the tunic and don fur-lined oilskin cloaks to keep warm and dry. Kagonesti often add feathers and jewelry made from silver and semiprecious stones; some believe these to be talismans, warding off danger. Sturdy
leather bracelets or laced bracers are nearly ubiquitous among the archery-loving Kagonesti.

When dressing for comfort rather than ruggedness, Kagonesti usually wear loose, airy blouses and trousers of linen and silk. Kagonesti men and women wear similar loose-fitting tops and frequently go barefoot. When attending joyful communal celebrations, some Kagonesti women will wear colorfully dyed and embroidered skirts rather than leggings.
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Kagonesti Elves
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