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 Suggestion on shifters and druids in general

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PostSubject: Suggestion on shifters and druids in general   Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:59 pm

So I've been perusing the forums and came across the topic of druids and how they would not choose a form like undead or constructs. Here's my take on this and please post your comments on it.

1. Druids are protectors of nature. I'm really not sure why a druid would choose evil as an alignment because that would mean he/she chose to have evil intent in dealings with nature. Nature is not inherently evil, survival is more the norm. A predator is not evil because it chooses to prey on the sick, the infirm, or the young. It does so because those are the easiest to kill and consume. Their actions preserve the strongest and healthiest of the species. There is balance in all things in nature. Put man into the picture and well, there goes the neighborhood.

2. Shifters are the abherations of the druid world. They have taken the form to a whole 'nother level and can't be considered druids for the purposes of protecting nature. For them, I say that the level spread should not include more than the minimum druid levels for gaining shifter status. Also, they can and should choose an alignment based on their main form. If the shifter prefers undead or outsider forms then NE. Constructs are more LN or TN. Since dragon forms are out of the picture according to the rules, then the first wildshapes are off the table for a beginning shifter. Now that makes for an interesting survival ladder. Very Happy

3. If a shifter still wants to cling to a NG status, then his forms would be limited. He would be the undecided underdog type who wants to help the forest he/she left behind but is shunned by druid-kind. His actions are protective but his methods are the questionable unknown. A true wildcard, a goodly shifter would be a pariah to his own kind and to those he seeks to help.

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion on shifters and druids in general   Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:30 am

According to the litereature (Novels and Mods) Druids do exist, in small numbers on Krynn. They are periodically monitored by the conclave, as well (See The Soulforge).

"Shifter," as it exists in NWN seems to have nothing to do with being a Druid (undead and construct forms????)

I could see a character like this existing (Until the conclave found out and decided what to do about it).

From a Druid perspective (on krynn) any shape-shifting should be limited to the animal and vegetable world. This makes sense from an RP standpoint, as well as from a LOGIC standpoint. Perhaps in the future, we will re-work the shifter table so that it makes more sense to play.

1) Like people, Druids can come in a few different flavors. True Neutral is the old AD&D rule about them - later additions allowed NG and NE. I can see it. The Druid who has a good heart and want free hippy love between man and tree. Also, the Druid who sees civilized man as an incursion into a holy place. The druid who lures hunters and trappers to their death.

2) I don't really want to start restricting druid versus shifter level, other than to say no exploitative builds. I like to think that this is a mature enough group that everybody understands what we're playing and a druid isn't going to shift into an iron golem in the middle of Solace, during a mage convention! Generally, if it makes sense, plays well, and is fair - RP can open lots of new doors. As to the survival ladder - You know what your playing. Do a crazy race/class combo at your own risk (by "own" I mean the character). A player can ALWAYS roll up another.

3) I've never been a fan of DMs who, flat-out, say "You can't do that!" As it is in the real-world. People can DO long as they are prepared to answer the consequences. I'm a fan of "Ok, you do that and..."

Some things just can't be allowed. Purple Dragon Knight, for example. Dragonshape. It would unbalance Krynn. Unbalance is another reason that I discourage Sorcerers. It is an overpowered class.

In general, everybody here should be familiar with the ground-rules of what is acceptable on Krynn and what is not. As a story-teller, I am never adverse to new elements, so long as those elements make sense and are in context with the rest of the story-telling tools.

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion on shifters and druids in general   Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:57 pm

I have a friend who opened up the issue of iron golem this way: The gnomes created a self-defense creature able to shift into an iron golem. Mainly shifter and monk, he took only the base five levels of druid. From an RP standpoint it was awesome. I've tried it on another server and received good responses. Rather impressive in and of itself (An iron golem moving at monk speed with flurry of blows), it suffers from the low AB inherent with most shifter forms.

So as I read your post, Druids are limited to their animal forms, must hide what they are, and are monitored by the conclave. Shifters are limited by common sense, the low magic/low power base of this MOD, and can't take dragon form.

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion on shifters and druids in general   

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Suggestion on shifters and druids in general
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