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 Dragonlance Druids

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PostSubject: Dragonlance Druids   Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:21 pm

This is not finalized, but nonetheless some findings and thoughts from DM Evenstar regarding Druids within the Dragonlance setting:

In "The Soulforge" by Margaret Weiss - One of the highmages refers to a local cult's healing abilities as being "no different from what the Druids have been doing for years."

Also, in the PnP Modules, the PCs encounter a druid "Weyland" who has been driven insane and put to sleep for 100 years by the Silvanesti elves.

That said, discretion of magical abilities would be the norm: They would heal, as it suits them, but I doubt, that they would change into a bear in full view of city dwellers... That is that they would certainly NOT do it in front of non-druids, generall. But WOULD, out of view.


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Dragonlance Druids
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