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 The Establisment of the Orders of High Sorcery

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PostSubject: The Establisment of the Orders of High Sorcery   Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:22 pm

During the century when the sorcerers dwelt in the Beyond, they and the Three Cousins worked together to learn to control the wild magic, to shape it into something far more useful and far less destructive. Each sorcerer decided to follow the path of one of the cousins, adopting either the White, Red, or Black colors of his own patron.

These three sorcerers became the first Wizards of High Sorcery and the founders of the three Orders. Although the Three Cousins and their followers were divided by philosophical ideals, they held one truism as sacrosanct — a wizard’s first and only loyalty must be to magic.

Toward this end, the Three Cousins dictated the Foundations of Magic — three laws to be held true by all three Orders:

1. All wizards are brothers and sisters in their Order. All Orders are brothers and sisters in power.

2. The places of High Sorcery are held in common among all Orders and no magic is to be used in anger against fellow wizards in these places.

3. The world beyond the Towers may bring brother against sister and Order against Order, but such is the way of the universe.

Armed with the Foundations of Magic, and trained in how to properly use the powers of creation without endangering the world, the three wizards were returned to Ansalon. Their first task was to build Towers where they could train others who wanted to follow
the path of magic, where Wizards of High Sorcery would be safe from persecution, and where their dedication could be tested.

Slowly, the three wizards began to gather others who possessed the talent for magic to teach them how to control their magic. Together, these Wizards of High Sorcery formed the Orders of High Sorcery and began to build their Towers.

Originally, the Orders planned to build seven Towers. Only five were ever constructed. Each Tower was open to all three Orders, although each Tower was more strongly aligned with one Order over another. Each Tower was surrounded by a magical grove that would protect the Tower. Only those who were invited — or those who had already passed their Test and joined the Orders of High Sorcery — could pass through the groves unmolested.

Each Tower was built upon a location of natural power. It took the Orders many years to scry the perfect locations for their Towers.
Most of them were built originally in isolated locations, except for the Tower in Daltigoth, which was located relatively close to the heart of the Ergothian Empire. In time, cities sprang up around the Tower of Palanthas (originally known as the Tower of Bright Hope), the Tower of Goodlund (originally the Tower of Losarcum), and the Tower of Istar. The Tower of Wayreth, the first Tower built, was in the most isolated location, and thus it became the center for the Orders of High Sorcery.
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The Establisment of the Orders of High Sorcery
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